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Five creative uses for the FestivalChair

The FestivalChair is a sustainable cardboard stool that can be custom printed and used as seating during events. That is only one of several ways, though, to use the FestivalChair. Here are five additional options for using this versatile stool at events:

1. For Team Building: give each participant in your event a FestivalChair to assemble themselves. Interaction, laughter and solidarity quickly follow. In other words, the ideal atmosphere for getting an event started. Plus, as the organizer you do not have to set up any chairs!

2. As a Building Block: the FestivalChair is so stable and sturdy that you can even use it to build something. This is common practice, for example during trade fairs and other events where temporary walls are needed.

3. As a Drum: the FestivalChair can also be used as an instrument! It is superbly suitable for use as a drum while you are sitting on it (Cajon in Spanish). This provides interactivity as well as a way to really blow off some steam. Check out this video:

4. As a Step: the FestivalChair is so sturdy that you can stand on it without any problems. Even dancing on it is not a problem. Anyone who is tired of sitting can get up and go wild! Check out this one-minute video to get an idea:

5. As a Puzzle: the Limburg-based company Koenen & Co even used the FestivalChair as a puzzle. Employees were given 36 different printed FestivalChairs and tasked with arranging them to create the company logo.

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