About us

Dynamic, energetic, original, chaotic, creative, inspiring, bold and headstrong: all words that describe Tim Várdy, the founder of Timon Enterprise. When he set up his company 18 years ago, he brought all of these character traits with him. That one-man outfit has since grown and expanded to become a stable company based in the heart of Haarlem. Tim himself is still at the wheel, supported by a professional team of co-workers and freelancers. His enthusiasm and dynamic reputation are the same as ever.

A brief history

It was while studying the piano at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague that Tim struck upon the idea of the FestivalChair. He then went along to the North Sea Jazz Festival and noted with surprise that no chairs were used in any of the concert halls. ‘How come you can’t hire or buy a chair here?’ he asked himself at once.

Brooding over this thought, he lighted on the idea of a stool made of cardboard, which is lightweight, portable and, what is more, can be printed on – making it ideal for sponsors. His entrepreneurial mind led him to commission an industrial designer to work through the details and the FestivalChair was born.
The cardboard stool was subsequently patented in Europe and the United States and, within a few years, had secured a prominent place in the world of international events. The FestivalChair was also awarded the American prize for Best Marketing Tool by the International American Event Association.

The Dutch Design Chair

But the story doesn’t end there. The stool’s sleek design and practicality drew attention from an even wider sphere and, as demand from stylists, stores and consumers grew, Tim Várdy decided to create another version for end users. That was the beginning of the Dutch Design Chair.
The hip stool with its stylish prints was already selling quickly from New York to Paris and from Tokyo to Brazil. It also won the prestigious German Red Dot Design Award. The Dutch Design Chair became such a success that Tim decided to set up a completely new brand. Since then, a wide range of design products has been developed and marketed around the world under the name of Dutch Design Brand. In the Netherlands, the FestivalChair and other products are sold in design and museum shops, including De Bijenkorf.

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Timon Enterprise is a sustainable company that makes the conscious choice to manufacture all of its products in the Netherlands. The FestivalChair is 100% recyclable and made of FSC-certified cardboard. All handling and storage is carried out by a sheltered workshop in Amsterdam. The company’s basic requirements are respect for people and for the environment.