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Dynamic, energetic, original, artistic, creative, inspirational, bold and self-assured

These are just a few words to describe Tim Várdy, the founder of Timon Enterprise and the inspiration behind the FestivalChair. The one-man business he launched 18 years ago has grown into a successful company in the heart of the beautiful Dutch city of Haarlem.

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Ons team

Our permanent team from the heart of Haarlem.

From left to right: next to Tim (founder), Frans our ict specialist. Next to him, our newest addition Daan, who works in inside sales. Mees is our jack-of-all-trades in SEO, photoshop and socials. Suzan is co-owner and unmissable when it comes to vision and strategy. On the far right is Lisanne, our tower of strength, not only in inside sales but also increasingly as manager of the company. :-)

Our story

From festival idea to art object

While studying classical piano at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, Tim was a regular visitor at the North Sea Jazz Festival. It was here that he hit upon the idea of a sturdy yet lightweight cardboard stool. Festival chairs that can be custom printed and are easy to carry around. Ideal for use as a marketing tool at conferences, trade fairs and other special events.

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Internationally patented

Together with an industrial designer, Tim developed the FestivalChair, an internationally patented design that quickly grew into a desirable objet d’art. Within no time, the cardboard stools had gained a prominent place in the international events world.

Flying start

Companies increasingly ordered the FestivalChair printed in their corporate style, using the sturdy, sustainable stools in their marketing campaigns. Before long, the FestivalChair was winning such accolades as the prize for Best Marketing Tool from the International American Event Association and the international Red Dot Design Award.

Dutch Design Brand

Overwhelmed by the worldwide success of the FestivalChair, Tim went on to introduce a consumer version of the cardboard stool: the Dutch Design Chair. The sturdy, sustainable stool printed in a range of trendy designs was soon being sold in design outlets all over the world, from New York and Paris to Tokyo and Sao Paulo. The Dutch Design Chair, winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2013, was so successful that Tim decided to launch a whole new Dutch Design Brand.

The sequel

At this point the FestivalChair has gained its place nationally and internationally within the event industry as the cardboard chair that turns an event into an unforgettable event for A-brands, every time!


Timon Enterprise stands for sustainable, practical solutions that bring affordable design within easy reach of every budget. We operate from a basis of respect for people and planet.


As part of our vision for sustainability, we have chosen to make our products fully in the Netherlands and we use a sheltered workshop in Amsterdam for stock storage and order handling. The FestivalChair is fully recyclable, made largely of recycled cardboard and is 100% FSC certified. What better way to express the circular economy!