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The eye-catching chair that everyone’s crazy about!

The FestivalChair, the ultimate sturdy and recyclable cardboard chair. Ideal for special events, conferences, festivals or as a promotional gift. Lightweight and easy to assemble. And after use it simply folds away flat waiting for the next time.

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FestivalChair Facts

Stool-type chair supports a weight of up to 440 pounds (200kg) with ease, 100% FSC certified, 100% recyclable, easy to assemble, can be custom-printed using a variety of techniques, fully designed and produced in the Netherlands

More about the FestivalChair

Dutch Design Chair

Also known under the name Dutch Design Chair, these cardboard stools are available in trendy design stores and leading museums throughout the Netherlands and far beyond. The Dutch Design Chair comes in a range of strong, contemporary designs and is a real eye-catcher in any office or living space. But don’t take our word for it, buy your own piece of Dutch Design and find out for yourself.

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Your custom-printed FestivalChair is a versatile promotional product that gives visitors to your event something to sit on, but it can be used for so much more: a drinks table, or stacked to form a truly distinctive room divider or background wall. An outstanding way to get your message across! Go to our inspiration pages to explore the full potential of these handy cardboard stools.

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Timon Enterprise stands for sustainable, practical solutions that bring affordable design within easy reach of every budget. We operate from a basis of respect for people and planet.


As part of our vision for sustainability, we have chosen to make our products fully in the Netherlands and we use a sheltered workshop in Amsterdam for stock storage and order handling. The FestivalChair is fully recyclable, made largely of recycled cardboard and is 100% FSC certified. What better way to express the circular economy!