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That many companies, institutions and brands have discovered the cardboard FestivalChair stools as a contemporary, original and sustainable way of promoting their brand is demonstrated by our wide and varied customer base. Get your stools printed with your company logo so they communicate the look and feel of your organization or label.

Or promote your sponsor with stools printed in their corporate style. Whatever you choose, your custom-printed stool is the perfect way to draw attention to your company or sponsor among visitors to a conference, trade fair, festival or other special event. And users see the cardboard stools as a fun gadget to take home. Great project, good promotion: success guaranteed!

Want to know more about how the FestivalChair can work for you?

The FestivalChair can be fully custom-designed from A to Z, so this creative cardboard stool perfectly matches the corporate style of your company or the image you want to present at a particular event. Want to know more about how the FestivalChair can work for you? Contact us and we’ll help you explore the possibilities.

Inspirational ideas

There are countless ways to use your custom printed FestivalChair to promote your message. Of course, the stool provides an excellent seating solution for your guests, but thinking outside of the box shows a host of other applications. The printed stools also make great tables, or how about stacking them to create a divider or wall: a spectacular backdrop and a guaranteed eye-catcher! See our inspiration pages to explore the many possibilities for using these handy cardboard stools.