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FestivalChair XL, the tall model

Tall cardboard stool

Huge demand for a taller model of the popular FestivalChair led to the development of a new model: the FestivalChair XL. Just as strong and easy to set up as the original model, the FestivalChair XL is the perfect height for sitting at a table. Mix and match FestivalChairs for a versatile seating solution in your trade fair.

Tall stool with company logo

The FestivalChair XL is perfect for customization with your logo, corporate colors or a catchy slogan, creating an effective marketing tool to promote your company at a trade fair, conference or other special event. Your uniquely printed FestivalChair XL gives you an exact match for your corporate style and just the look and feel your company wants to convey.

We are convinced that the FestivalChair XL will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you and we look forward to seeing its full potential realized in your creative and inspirational setting. If you would like more information about this taller model of our festival stool, please contact us, or see the product specifications.

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