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Make your event sustainable with FestivalChairs

FestivalChairs: Sustainable Innovation for Events

Sustainability has become a cornerstone of our society. Whether it’s food, clothing, or energy, more and more people are making choices based on their environmental impact. This trend extends to events, with increasing numbers of guests expecting eco-friendly practices. As an event organizer, how can you meet this expectation? Start with FestivalChairs!

FestivalChairs at an event

Most people already know that FestivalChairs can be fully customized starting from just twenty pieces and that they are used globally for conferences, corporate events, trade shows, and festivals. However, we are especially proud of the sustainability of our product. Here are some key reasons why FestivalChairs are so eco-friendly:

Customized FestivalChairs

1. Made from Cardboard: FestivalChairs are crafted from biodegradable cardboard. Ideally, the stools are reused, and if not, they should be recycled. But even if they end up in the wrong place, our stools won’t harm the environment and will naturally decompose within a few months.

2.Recycled and FSC-certified: FestivalChairs are made from FSC-certified cardboard and largely consist of recycled materials. This means that the stool you’re sitting on has already had at least one previous life.

FestivalChairs in use

3.Locally Produced: FestivalChairs are entirely produced in the Netherlands, reducing the need for long-distance shipping and thus lowering CO2 emissions associated with transport.

4.Low Carbon Footprint: The production of cardboard, including our FestivalChairs, has a significantly lower CO2 impact compared to plastic furniture. Not only do you get a stylish chair, but you also contribute to cleaner air.

5.Efficient Transportation: Our lightweight FestivalChairs are easy to transport, with up to three hundred complete chairs fitting on a single pallet. This further reduces CO2 emissions compared to traditional furniture.

FestivalChairs ready for transport

6.Enhance Your Event’s Image: Using FestivalChairs at your event demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. This reflects positively on your brand, showing guests that you care about the planet and the climate, which can enhance their overall impression of your event.

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