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What’s in a name….

FestivalChairs owes its name and origin to the North Sea Jazz Festival, where a 24-year-old Tim Várdy (founder of FestivalChairs) sold the first version of the FestivalChairs. Nowadays, the FestivalChairs are mainly used at business (indoor) events and conferences.

However, the name already suggests it, the FestivalChair is a chair for a festival, so it’s time to honor this name and highlight the outdoor event!
What could such an outdoor festival with FestivalChairs look like?

Enjoy art and culture, such as a smaller theater performance or film festival; maybe a large-scale concert or performance by your favorite artist. Start with a joint plenary session and let the guests easily take the stools from workshop to workshop, and end with a (networking) drink and dinner in the sunshine. Or just to plop down and enjoy the view! Check out our photos for inspiration!

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