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The FestivalChair celebrates 25 years!

Friday, March 22 marks the exact twenty-fifth anniversary of our company. What began as a cheerful experiment has evolved into a serious, professional business. Join us and smile…


How it all started…

While studying classical piano at the conservatory in The Hague, Tim Várdy regularly attended the North Sea Jazz Festival and noticed several halls without seating. This sparked the idea for a lightweight and durable cardboard stool that could be easily customized and carried. Tim sought the help of an industrial designer, and the FestivalChair was born!

The FestivalChair quickly became an original marketing tool embraced by the international events industry. It also won several awards, including the Red Dot Design Award. As visitors often took the stylish stool home, Tim conceived the idea of a consumer version: the Dutch Design Chair, which since 2011 has found its way to audiences both domestically and internationally.


Still going strong…!

After all these years, the FestivalChair remains innovative, inspiring, and versatile, the stool to make any event unforgettable and sparkling. We are still regularly surprised by the creative applications our customers come up with for this simple, sturdy cardboard stool. Be inspired by twenty-five years of FestivalChairs!

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