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This is how you can also use the FestivalChair ๐Ÿ˜Š

Surprised by creative applications of the FestivalChair!

The Canadian event agency Site 6 Events was tasked with organizing a large event for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, focusing on change and innovation. This event attracted more than 1000 visitors, all coming together to exchange ideas and inspire each other. A notable element during this event was the FestivalChair.

Our chairs could be found everywhere and were used to convey the theme ‘Building Our Future Together’. They served not only as seating but also as part of the decor, on stage, and during presentations. It was surprising for us to see how versatile our stools could be.

The FestivalChairs were transformed into decorative pieces, seating, dance accessories, and even building blocks. Their presence emphasized the theme of collaboration and innovation and showed how everyday objects can be transformed into something special.

View the photos to get an impression of the creative ways the FestivalChairs were used. It shows how collaboration and creative thinking can help us look at the world in new ways.


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