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Tables from FestivalChairs

Tables for trade fairs and special events

We already knew that the FestivalChair is great for building all kinds of structures, but that they can be used as building blocks to create special-event tables came as a real surprise, even for us! During the 2014 anniversary celebrations in Eindhoven’s Lichtfabriek, long tables were built featuring the FestivalChair XL in the starring role.

The tall stools supporting wooden table tops and surrounded by standard FestivalChairs for no fewer than 200 guests was a truly spectacular sight, as well as being a practical seating solution. Everyone had their own seat to take around with them, so they could easily join in wherever they wanted. And for us it was yet more proof of the FestivalChair’s great versatility.

Table with company logo

Besides offering a creative furniture solution during trade fairs and special events, the FestivalChair table can also be used as promo material, for example tables printed with your company logo, and stools in the corporate colors of your company. Both the original FestivalChair and the FestivalChair XL can be printed to your exact specifications. And once the event is over, the tables can be easily folded up and saved for a future event. The same goes for the cardboard stools of course, although we know from experience that people love to take them home, making the FestivalChair the perfect promotional gift!

Want to know more about tables for special events or tables printed with your company logo? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and draw up a quote. Go to our inspiration pages to see just how versatile the FestivalChair is.

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